The Mummy Coach: a bespoke content strategy for a new business


The challenge

The founder of The Mummy Coach, Elizabeth, approached me when she was in the early stages of setting up her business to support new and expectant mums with health, wellness and fitness. She wanted help in working out who her target audiences were, where to find them and how to speak to them. It’s the kind of brief that’s music to my ears.



The response

I spent a lot of time with Elizabeth, listening to her talk about her vision and plans for her new business. By doing this I helped Elizabeth distil what she was saying, which is much easier for a considered, distanced ear to do than the person who lives and breathes their business every day. From this we:

  • Created audience personas in detail, with real names, life experience and challenges - exactly the challenges Elizabeth was hoping to solve

  • Identified the best platforms to use to speak to these audiences, from our experience in targeting different audience groups

  • Wrote a mission statement and strapline that shifted Elizabeth from describing what she does to hooking her audience with the benefits of her service

  • Produced a website that focuses on segmentation by user need rather than by service. Elizabeth’s audiences have enough on their plate already as expectant and new mums and we didn’t want to ask more of them in working out which package they needed.

Laura listened carefully to my vision, scribbling down words and asking questions and, from there, helped me to formulate a mission statement and strapline that summarise simply but perfectly what my business is all about.
— Elizabeth Davies, The Mummy Coach

The outcome

A market-leading website for the health and wellness industry

A market-leading website for the health and wellness industry

  • A set of messaging and a strong tone-of-voice that Elizabeth applies across platforms and which sounds, uniquely, like her, making it sustainable for her to maintain

  • A market-leading website in the health and wellness industry that’s generated new business simply by its appeal

  • A business owner who’s gone from feeling ‘totally out of her depth’ to ‘feeling like I’ve got this now, I know what I’m doing’

  • An ongoing relationship in which I help Elizabeth to analyse the performance of her content, keep her editorial calendar topped up and challenge her to push her content just that bit further


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